vMax: the Virtual Max

vMax – Since 2012, I have dedicated myself to moving to the “Cloud – a Virtually Perfect Place to Live.”

What I mean by this, is that I have begun to move everything I could onto the web and my “Cloud” or virtual hard drives making it possible for me to work and operate from anywhere I have an Internet connection and become hardware independent.  I don’t have to have a specific computer in front of me.  Any computer will do so that my computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops all become just devices to access my information.

The great beauty of having my work web-based is that I can do it from anywhere so I have worked from the shores and on the water of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and lakes around the world.  I have also found myself working from Alaska, to nearly every state in the United States, Hawaii, Western Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Canada, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, off the coast of Honduras in South America, and from 40,000 feet in the air aboard numerous international and national flights equipped with wifi.  It makes the world a connected place.

So how do you find me out there?

  • Email:  max@bertola.org
  • Skype:  max.bertola
  • Facebook:  max.bertola.54
  • Phones:  
    • (435) 200-4614 (U.S. Number you can call and it connects to my location anywhere I am.)


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